• Main Feature: The material is cold-rolled steel of high quality. It is a series of products designed for FTTH. Equipped with reliable fiber optic cable, soft cable fixed device ,optical fiber splice protection device and blade-style optical splitter device. To achieve the feeder cable and branch cable in the reserved node, direct and allocation, scheduling for fiber.
  • Installation method: Wall-mounted.
  • It is allowed to install the blade-style optical splitter (1:4、1:8、1:16、1:32)and matched adapters.
  • It is widely in use, simple in structure and easy in operation.
Model Name Appearance size(W*H*D)
Installation method
GXF6-15N18a 1:16  fiber optic distribution box 340×350×100mm Indoor wall-mounted
GXF6-15N18b 1:32 fiber optic distribution box 340×460×100mm