• 4 regular cable ports; apply to cable direct transmission and branching connection.
  • It solves the universal problem, could be used for different sizes of cables; and could be used for both single core and ribbon fibers; apply to direct buried, aerial, pipe-lined applications.
  • Triple fixing deign of cable meet the requirement of cable tensile and torsion performance efficiently.
  • Steel core fixing device is of high voltage resistance.
  • Adopt high grade imported material to ensure long lifetime.

INSTALLATION METHODS Installation methods

Remark:Please refer to the instruction manual for the detailed components
Standard accessories
GPJ09H4-B box 1 set, sealing gasket 1 set,splice tray 1 set,cable fixing device 1set,aerial mounting hook 1 set, splice protective sleeve,nylon tie,wet tissue 1 bag,plastic plug 2 pieces, insulating tape 1 roll
Optional accessories
Grounding device 1 set, valve 1set,aerial mounting hook 1 set,pipe-lined hook 1 set,hexagonal sleeve 1 piece,grounding wire for armor layer 4 pieces, protective tube
Type Fibers/Tray Max capacity(F) Suitable Dia of cable
Sealing structure Weight/unit
Size of CTN(in)
GPJ09H4-B 24 96(single core) Φ0.39~Φ0.87
In-line mechanical sealing
3.8~4.2 22.38x18.90x16.93
(6 pieces)