Product features:
  • Wireless communication base station, including a new generation of 3G system, communication/integrated services of network, access/transmission exchange station, emergency communication/transmission, which provide all-day protection with the features of sun block and proof of water condensation. The property conforms to IP65.
  • The cabinet adopts air aluminum framework and stainless steel of imports which suits field installation with convenient construction.
  • The cabinet with two-tier structure, between inner and outer is placed with the special specific material.
  • The space of wiring in the cabinet is enough big to make operation and maintenance convenient.
  • The structure is compact, the installation is simple and easy, the sealing performance is excellent.
  • It is the standard setting of 19" which apply to install varies of facilities of 19" type.
  • It has definite sectorization with dedicated battery compartment and auxiliary compartment.
  • The internal cabinet configures automatic control light which is in favor of maintenance and management in the night.
  • The internal cabinet configures power control box (including of surge protector) and power socket.
  • It configures special air condition of high-quality cabinet and dehumidifier.
  • As the selection match, the monitoring system can make the inside condition, power and access control under mornitoring and also make the function of long-distance open and close come true.



Standard configuration

MDF Valid installation space


GMPX-MF17832 1700×1700×800 Valid cabinet height 32U Interior line 800,exterior line 100