GMPX-MU wall-mounted
  • Material:SPCC high quality cold rolled steel
  • Surface treatment: static spray.
  • Remark:
    1. Two kinds of front door options:glass doors and general metal doors.
    2.Tempered glass doors and general metal doors are equipped with small round lock.
Type Size(mm)
Valid gearing space Standard parts Thickness of material
GMPX-MU6406 600×400×310 6U No fans, socket, desk panel Column 1.5mm
Others 1.0mm
GMPX-MU6409 600×400×445 9U
GMPX-MU6412 600×400×580 12U
GMPX-MU6415 600×400×710 15U
GMPX-MU6406 600×(400+100)×310 6U
GMPX-MU6409 600×(400+100)×445 9U
GMPX-MU6412 600×(400+100)×580 12U
GMPX-MU6415 600×(400+100)×710 15U