GMPX-MA wall-mounted
  • Theupper and down have alignment channel.
  • Front door has tempered glass door with lock, quick open side door, could be configured with lock
  • Optional axial fan, two pairs vertical square hole  bars , upper and down outlet holes.
  • The door could be open on the left or the right, no need any tools .
  • Pre-equipped with wall-mount cabinet rear panel.
  • After hanging cabinet, tighten the internal part by screws to prevent stolen or colliding.
  • Two installation methods of wall-mounted and floor-mounted, Optional accessories are supporting feet and castors while floor-mounted installation.
  • Adjust the square hole in the front and rear.
Pre-equipped with wall-mount cabinet rear panel Screw for grounding Adjust the square hole in the front and rear
Type Size(mm)
Valid gearing space Standard parts Thickness of material
GMPX-MA6404 600×450×280 4U No fans, socket, desk panel Column 1.5mm
Others 1.0mm
GMPX-MA6406 600×450×370 6U
GMPX-MA6409 600×450×500 9U
GMPX-MA6412 600×450×635 12U
GMPX-MA6415 600×450×770 15U
GMPX-MA6418 600×450×910 18U
GMPX-MA6604 600×600×280 4U
GMPX-MA6606 600×600×370 6U
GMPX-MA6609 600×600×500 9U
GMPX-MA6612 600×600×635 12U
GMPX-MA6615 600×600×770 15U
GMPX-MA6618 600×600×910 18U