The tray is designed as a drawer, which could be pulled out and pushed in easily for convenient operation; it's made of metal and could splice and distribute fibers; the installation could be done on the frame or rack directly while no need to take the whole box down and no need to take down the top cover for operation and maintenance.
  • 19" standard mounting design with static electric plastic sprayed, nice appearance
  • There is good mute guide rail, it's smooth and steady when pulling and pushing the box.
  • There is plastic clip on upper cover; the upper cover can be taken down easily.
  • The adapter panel can be interchanged, users could choose different panel according to the demand.
  • Could install FC/SC/ST and twin-core SC adapters.
  • Clear fiber route, pigtails could be coiled and stored on the tray.
  • It’s flexible and convenience to lead in cable. There is cable and steel core fixed device.
  • The depth of installation could be adjusted, installation will be flexible and universal and maintenance will be easy.
  • Standard accessories:box one set(choose the adapter panel for FC, SC, ST and twin-core SC adapter)
    Optional accessories:FC, SC, ST, twin-core SC adapter, pigtail
    Type Dimension Height(U) Capacity(F) Dimension of package
    Inner carton Outer carton
    JPF-1U24-02 482×270×44.5 1 24     62D fiber tray
    JPF-1U24-03 482×220×44.5 1 24     Integrated fiber tray, splice holder
    JPF-1U24-04 482×320×44.5 1 24     62D fiber tray
    JPF-2U48-02 482×270×89 2 48     C1 fiber tray
    JPF-3U72-02 482×270×133.5 3 72