• Function of optical fiber wiring and splicing.
  • Contained the dependable fixing device of optical cable and soft cable; the protective device of splicing; fixing device of splitter.
  • It ensures the stability and safety of fiber splicing.
  • Exquisite appearance, concise structure, easy operation.
  • Wide range application, suitable for wall-mounting, wall inlayed, pole-mounting, floor installation.
STANDARD ACCESSORY:Cabinet one set,#20 fiber tray
OPTIONAL ACCESSORY:PLC splitter,SC adaptor,fast connector,bundle pigtail,ribbon pigtail
Type Size (mm)
max capacity (single core)
installation type
GXF6-15N8S1 520×400×120 48 Indoor wall-mounting
GXF6-15N8S2 500×550×160 96
GXF6-15N8S3 610×490×140 48 Indoor wall-inlayed
GXF6-15N8S4 590×640×180 96
GXF6-15N8S5 520×400×120 48 Outdoor wall-mounting
GXF6-15N8S6 500×550×160 96
GXF6-15N8S7 520×400×120 48 Outdoor pole-mounting
GXF6-15N8S8 500×550×160 96
GXF6-15N8S9 520×575×120 48 Outdoor ground installation
GXF6-15N8S10 500×725×160 96