GPJ09-5603 Fiber optical splitter closure


  • 5 general cable ports, could be suitable for connect different branch cable, including branching uncut cable.
  • Unique sealing method obtained the national patent.
  • Simple structure, easy operating, repeat using, and completely sealing.
  • Pole-mounting, aerial, wall-mounting, direct buried.
  • IP protection degree is IP68.


Direct transmission,branching,passive optical fiber distribution
Splitter type:
Box splitter
Splitter installation position:
Fixed support bracket
Max OD ratio:
Adaptor type:
Splice tray type: 7#
Splice tray quantity:
2 pcs
Optional cables:

Ф3 round cable,figure 8 soft cable,self-support soft cable,2 fibers pipe cables(Ф5~Ф7)

Standard accessory:
GPJ09-5603 box 1 set, sealing gasket 1 set, splice tray 1 set, cable fixing device 1 set,  pole-mounting kit 1 set, splice protective sleeve 1 set, nylon tie.
Optional accessory: Grounding device 1 set, valve 1 set, aerial mounting kit 1 set, wall-mounting kit 1 set, SC adaptor, box type splitter.
Type Fibers/Tray Max capacity(F) Suitable Dia of cable(mm) Sealing structure Weight/unit
Size of CTN
GPJ09-5603 24 48 Small port:Φ8~Φ17.5
Big port:Φ10~Φ17.5
Dome type mechanical sealing
(6 pieces)