• It is suitable for aerial, pole-mounting and wall-mounting etc.applications.
  • The closure has good sealing strong impact resistance and convenient operation.
  • It has four round cable entrances of Φ16 and four round cable entrances of φ25. One oval entrance of φ38×69 used for uncut cable.
  • The cable entrances adopt heat-shrink sealing. The joint of cover and base of closure adopts vulcanized rubber sealing ring to achieve the closure sealing by mechanical fastening.
  • Inside the body of closure, it consists of cable fixing device, steel core fixing device, earthing protective device, fiber tray of Page-style with multi-layer assembly etc., which could meet the protective requirements of straight-through cable and cable branching.
Remark:Please refer to the instruction manual for the detailed components
Standard accessories
GPJ09L9-BR box 1 set,sealing gasket 1set, splice tray 1 set, cable fixing device 1 set,pole-mounting hoop 1 set,splice protective sleeve, nylon tie
Optional accessories
Grounding device 1 set, valve 1 set, aerial mounting hoop 1 set,heat shrink sleeve 1 set
Type Fibers/Tray Max capacity(F) Suitable Dia of cable(in) Sealing structure Weight/unit
Size of CTN(in)
GPJO9L9-BR 12 72 Small port:Φ0.20~Φ0.35
Middle port:Φ0.31~Φ0.69
Big port:Φ0.39~Φ0.94
Dome type heat shrink sealing
3.5~3.9 18.50x17.75x14.17
(4 pieces)