GXF5-53-S144 Fiber Optic Splice Cabinet


  • The cabinet adopts new type of military High Polymer Material SMC (unsaturated polyester reinforce material), Resistant to various environmental and climatic conditions, the impact and chemical corrosion, service life is more than 30 years.
  • The cabinet is with modular design, use high seal parts, the entire box has a high sealing performance, water-proof, anti-dust and anti-insect..It can achieved to IP65.
  • The cabinet adopts three faces dead bolt lock, safe and reliable, Able to meet the needs of different users.
  • Cabinet interior is spacious, the number of cable inlet of single-sided can be up to 20 or more.
Cabinet one set,Distribution module,Fiber cable fixing module,Direct spliced module,Bobbin module.
SELECT ACCESSORY:FC Adaptor,SC Adaptor,Bundle pigtail,Ribbon pigtail.
Type Size (mm)
Full Capacity(core) Remarks
GXF5-53-S144 530×290×700 12 144