GXF5-53-S576F Optical splitter splice cabinet
GXF5-53-S576F Optical splitter splice cabinet Structure characters:
  • It is used for connecting, distribution, and dispatched of outdoor fiber cable;
  • Rotary type, modular design;
  • The fiber capacity is double than general cabinet;
  • Protection grade is IP65.
Remark:Please refer to the instruction manual for the detailed components
STANDARD ACCESSORY:cabinet box one set,distribution panel,fiber cable fixing panel,splice panel
LC/APC single core adaptor,LC/APC duplex adaptor,1:32 splitter, bunch pigtail,ribbon pigtail.
Dimension(mm) 1545×1450×360 1:32 splitter panel(set/piece)
Working temperature -40℃~85℃ Splice panel(set/piece) 8
Voltage resistance Under 3000V(DC)/1min no arc-over, no puncture Ditribution panel(set/piece) 2
Insulation resistance ≥1000MΩ/500V(DC) P2P splice panel(set/piece) 4